Privacy policy

At CESS Nuffield – FLAME University, all information participants get during our studies is true.

This implies:

  • We never deceive participants. For example, if we inform you that another participant is making a choice on which you then can react, this is indeed the case.
  • We keep our promises made to participants. For example, if we promise a certain payment, participants will indeed receive it.
  • In the event that we are responsible for a mistake that is to the disadvantage of participants, we will inform and compensate the respective participants.
  • We design, conduct and report our research in accordance with recognized scientific standards and ethical principles.

We adhere to the terms of our privacy policy as stated below.

  • The data in the participants' database will only be used to conduct sessions at CESS Nuffield – FLAME University. Identifiable data will never be given to third parties.
  • There is no direct link between the personal data in the participants database and the data collected during a study.
  • Every participant can decide at any moment to unsubscribe from the participants database. Unsubscribing from the database implies that no further invitations to our studies are sent to that person.
  • The data generated during our sessions is anonymous and is used to write scientific articles and to give presentations. We provide links to working and published papers for research done at CESS Nuffield – FLAME University on our main website.

For questions please contact

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